Sergey Matveychuk sem at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 26 12:18:50 PST 2008


After a long time, I've got a little free time and spent it working for
A new version (2.4.0) was released.
* Many bugs fixed (thanks to reporters).
* At last I've finished rewriting code and portupgrade now controls all
tasks (before some port installed without a portupgrade note). As a
result portupgrade gathers all depends for a port. It spends a time for
preparing in the beginning of a upgrade process.
* I've change unused -c and -C options to allow run 'make
config-conditional' and 'make config' (force options change) before all

Test the release please. To move from portupgrade to portupgrade-devel
port, use the command:
portupgrade -fo ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel portupgrade

If you'll want to back to stable porupgrade, use the command:
portupgrade -o ports-mgmt/portupgrade portupgrade-devel


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