Change with portmaster's -a flag in v2.0?

hideo hideo at
Sat Jan 26 09:54:03 PST 2008

Sorry, missed ports@ on the last reply.

Doug Barton (Sat 01/26/08 08:26):
> hideo wrote:
>> If I run portmaster with the -a switch it now attempts to rebuild all
>> installed ports rather than just those that need to be updated. 
> It doesn't do that for me. Are you sure that you didn't use the -f switch 
> as well? Or do you perhaps have FORCE=yes in /etc/portmaster.rc or 
> ~/.portmasterrc?

No sign of FORCE (don't have either of those files) and I rarely need 
-f.  I invoked it with -aiGd:

	~># portmaster -aiGd
	===>>> Gathering distinfo list for installed ports
	===>>> Starting check of installed ports for available updates
	===>>> Update alac-0.1.3? [y] n
	===>>> Update audacity-1.2.4b_2? [y] n
	===>>> Update bcwipe-1.6.5_1? [y] n
	===>>> Update bsdpan-Term-Clui-1.40? [y] n
	===>>> Update bsdpan-Term-Pager-1.00? [y] n
	===>>> Update keychain-2.6.8? [y] n
	===>>> Update links-2.1.p28,1? [y] n
	===>>> Update linuxthreads-2.2.3_23? [y] n
	===>>> Update lsof-4.79H? [y] n
	===>>> Update maildrop-2.0.4? [y] n
	===>>> Update nrg2iso-0.4? [y] n
	===>>> Update nvidia-xconfig-1.0_2? [y] n
	===>>> Update openssh-portable-overwrite-base-4.7.p1_1,1? [y] n
	===>>> Update p5-MP3-Info-1.23? [y] n
	===>>> Update p5-POE-0.9999? [y] n

If I remove -G it seems to "do the right thing."  Perhaps it's the 
behavior of -G that's changed?


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