procedure for removing a port from the tree?

Phil Oleson oz at
Wed Jan 23 15:25:12 PST 2008


	I am looking for the procedure for removing a port I submitted and maintain a while back.
As I cannot see anything in the porter's handbook, I'm asking here.

The specifics are I want to nuke devel/libdnsres from the tree.  I was playing with it in a project
of my own a while back and wanted a way to track it.  It is a dns library that overlays libevent to
provide dns resolution.  Honeyd used to depend on it as well, but as libevent gained an official dns
layer of it's own (similar but different implementation), it's need of the library went away.  So did
my own need of it.

So, I can keep it on my list of ports I maintain, though it has been orphaned by it's creator at this
point, so it's a no-opt for me.  But I'd rather just have it marked for removal.

Suggestions? (documentation in the handbook would be nice as well)


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