ports setting UIDs/GIDs broadscape: "chmod -R" likely breaks things!

Peter Much pmc at citylink.dinoex.sub.org
Wed Jan 23 05:43:55 PST 2008

Dear all,

  a couple of Ports have in the install part of their Makefiles 
constructs like this:

	@ ${CHOWN} -R pgsql:pgsql ~pgsql/. ;\

I perceive this as very problematic. For instance: Below ~pgsql 
there at least two mounted filesystems, both with a .snap directory, 
which must be GID-operator. 
Furthermore, ~pgsql is a fine place fore lots of data-import- and 
-export-directories, each belonging to user or group of the corresponding
foreign subsystem. 

Now any time I reinstall or upgrade the port, all of this gets 
destroyed, and has to be manually recreated.

Is there any way to configure such unwanted modifications to not
happen? Maybe some central switch or Makefile.local or anything
I might have overlooked, which can be added and will persist the
updating of the ports tree (simply editing these Makefiles is not
feasible as they will be updated from CVS).

If not, then I would strongly suggest that Ports maintainers
modify only and maximally those files+directories which get removed
and recreated during port upgrades.


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