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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Wed Jan 23 03:56:22 PST 2008

hans at (Hans Lambermont) writes:

> at wrote:
>> I have a server with round about 200 installed Ports. I need
>> to setup a second server with the same, but slightly newer,
>> ports recompiled from source.
>> Is there an easy way to crate a port list
> Use the Root and Leaf sections from 'portmaster -l'
> (ports-mgmt/portmaster) and skip the Trunk and Branch sections.

Or just take the output from pkg_info directly; portmaster will figure
out the dependencies on its own, so including the non-leaf ports is no
problem.  The other tools (e.g., portupgrade) will do the same thing.

>> with compile options
> I try to use ports.conf (ports-mgmt/portconf) for this, but it does not
> include the OPTIONS framework (/var/db/ports/*/options) .
> Maybe someone else can help further on this point, and

Seems like a one-liner of a shell script.  Maybe something like;
# cd /usr/ports; for portname in `cat /path/to/port/list` ; do (cd $portname; make config) ; done

>> and feed a build command on the second server with it?
> on this one as well. (I use my own script for this, it
> uses a list like x11/xorg x11/kde3 devel/glib20 ...)

My one-liner assumes a similar list.

A brute force approach is to feed the whole list into portinstall (or
portmaster, etc.).

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