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navneet Upadhyay wrote:
> Hi,
> We have our product on RHEL(almost all versions), we are planning to support
> it on *FreeBSD*.
> We were successfull in building the binaries. Now we have to make a
> setup(RPM sort of thing).
> By visiting sites i cam to know that pkg_create will do it for me. But i am
> unable to create a package as per my needs. I have gone through many
> documents on, my needs are :
> 1. I have around 8 executables which should go to various directories as
> part of installation , and around 15 config file which go to config
> directory as part of installation.
> 2. I have around 4 script files which should be executed as part of
> installation after the files are transferred to the respective folders.
>   Can somebody provide me some information on how to achieve it.
> I am not looking at Ports.

I suggest you reconsider use of the ports system, as that is the canonical
way to create installer packages on FreeBSD.  You can create a port privately 
- -- it doesn't have to be submitted to the FreeBSD ports system.  Just follow
the instructions in the Porter's Handbook for creating the port -- so long
as it has it's own little sub directory to contain the Makefile, pkg-descr 
and so forth, it can be kept virtually anywhere in your filesystem.  It will
pick up dependencies from the standard ports tree quite happily.



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