packages with security vulnerabilities

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sun Jan 20 08:24:34 PST 2008

P Bielecki wrote:
> Hi,
> freebsd-update helps me update base system,
> portaudit(1) reminds me everyday about security vulnerabilities in
> ports/packages and thanks to portupgrade(1),
> I keep them up to date.
> Quite often I build packages or use packages whenever available and
> share (NFS) them with my other boxes.
> Although building and "deploying" packages can be fairly simple,
>  due to dependencies, slow network connections, hw problems or just
> slow machine it takes a while.
> What would really help me is if  latest - updated packages could be
> available more often.
> How porters decide which package should be updated and available as package?
> Is there anything what can I do to help updating latest packages?

Packages are built continuously and as fast as possible.  Which package 
sets do you feel are being updated too slowly?


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