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Sun Jan 20 08:17:11 PST 2008

Hi there,

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Fernandes <iguimar at> writes
>Hi I have a motherboard p5p, processor amd64, freebsd 6.2 updated to 
>6.3. I made all operation to get updated the system, as follow below:
>1) cd /usr/src
>2) make buildworld
>3) cd /sys/i386/conf
>4) config <my-kernel>
>5) cd ../compile/<my-kernel>
>6) make depend && make && make install
>7) reboot
>8) Choice "Single User Mode"  option (4)  from Menu
>9) login as root
>10)mergemaster -p
>11)cd /usr/src
>12)make installworld
>15)login as root
>16)portupgrade -a
>Everything works fine. But when a tried compile some ports, (vscan, 
>courier-imap for example), I receive the following error message: 
>"courier-imap-4.3.0,1 is marked as broken: "Incomplete pkg-plist", 
>"*uvscan-5.10e_2* is marked as broken: "Incomplete pkg-plist" 
>uvscan-5.10e_2 is marked as broken: Incomplete pkg-plist. Other ports 
>works good.
>Do you have any ideia.
>I will apreciate any help.

Your problems might track back to security/uvscan, which appears to have 
been deleted, even though I can't find an entry for it in 
/usr/ports/MOVED. The related security/uvscan-dat port expired in May 
2006, and has been removed.

As you're upgrading from source, it seems best to grab an up to date 
ports tree before rebuilding everything. It sounds as if at least parts 
of your ports tree are pretty old, which may be that your upgrade method 
for the ports tree isn't removing deleted files (as courier-imap-4.3.0,1 
dates from 2007-12-12).

Even if you were upgrading from a binary distribution, the ports tree 
has already moved on a fair bit since the ports slush.

One fairly easy way to keep your ports tree up to date is to portsnap 
fetch extract (followed by periodic portsnap fetch upgrade) or your 
preferred method to keep the ports tree up to date before the 
portupgrade -a. The ports tree has already moved on a fair bit since the 

I suspect - though I haven't trawled through the CVS logs - that the 
port was found to be broken by pointyhat, hence the broken marking, then 
was removed instead of being fixed.

Remove uvscan, rebuild any dependent ports, and if you need a free virus 
scanner, look at security/clamav. Alternatively, if you have a licensed 
version of uvscan (which I believe was only ever a trial version), 
install it outside ports or make a port for it.

If uvscan isn't the problem, check carefully exactly where the build of 
courier-imap is breaking. courier-imap itself is OK so far as I can tell 
- the problem is with one of the dependencies. If you have a dependent 
port that is marked as broken, that needs fixing.

Best wishes,

David Wood
david at

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