ruby 1.9 port test request

Stanislav Sedov stas at
Fri Jan 18 07:23:15 PST 2008


As you might know a couple of weeks ago the first development release
of ruby 1.9 was rolled out. I plan to introduce it into the ports
collection in the near time (actually, when the release slush will
be over).

As part of this I also moved gems support into the
(gems now part of ruby distibution itself) and added a new knob
for rake (it's now a part of ruby too). The patch against the current
tree is available here:

I'd like to ask all interested parties to test this patch on all
available platform combinations and report all problems here and/or
me directly. This way we would be able to fix them before the port
hits the tree. By this time I tested it on i386, amd64 and arm and
it seems to work fine.

Please note, that most current ruby libraries and ports will fail to
build and work with ruby 1.9 (actually, it's about 70% according to
tinderbox). Most of this problems linked with C API breakage, and
can be probably only fixed in mainstream. However, a lot of ports
will be broken due to plist errors - these include dynamically
generated RI documentation in plist statically, but the ruby 1.9
seems to use slightly different naming scheme. That's mostly
gem ports. I want to ask maintainers of such ports to fix their
ports in a way they'll put RI files in plists automatically on install -
that will fix your ports with ruby 1.9 and save a lot of our blood
when we'll switch to ruby 1.9 in future.


Stanislav Sedov

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