FreeBSD Port: devel/bouml

V.Chukharev chukharev at
Thu Jan 17 15:35:01 PST 2008

Hi maintainer,

I do not know the reason, but devel/bouml (cvsup'ed yesterday) cannot fetch the distfile.
I think that it has been updated or something on the main web site.

MD5 shown below is same as shown on their site, SHA256 and SIZE I found from the
downloaded file. It builds OK, starts, and works - to the extent I could check within
10 minits.

Best regard,
Vladimir Chukharev

$ cat /usr/ports/devel/bouml/distinfo
MD5 (bouml_3.5.tar.gz) = cd13f4b1e5fad2f3c64bb827e8d6418a
SHA256 (bouml_3.5.tar.gz) = b966e56ee642cd77be180e38c31d86cd103423154e6458f50dc6f173101af017
SIZE (bouml_3.5.tar.gz) = 4157379
V. Chukharev

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