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Thu Jan 17 07:20:10 PST 2008

In response to Vladimir Zorin <vladimir at>:

> Bill Moran wrote:
> > In response to Dominic Fandrey <LoN_Kamikaze at>:
> > 
> >> Vladimir Zorin wrote:
> >>> I tried to get in touch with Alex Dupre, the maintainer of the
> >>>, sent him the same text as the above with the patch, but I
> >>> didn't get any response. As far as I know there are several people who
> >>> tried to contact him regarding the same issue but, alas, didn't get any
> >>> response as well.
> >> I suppose there might be the possibility of a timeout that allows committing
> >> without Maintainer feedback, if you submit it as a PR.
> > 
> > This is exactly the way to proceed.
> > 
> > If the maintainer is not responding, open the issue as a PR so it's
> > officially tracked.  If the maintainer does not respond withing a
> > reasonable length of time, request a maintainer timeout to have another
> > committer check in the patch.
> Thank you for the tip, I'll do the way you described. What regards 
> "reasonable length of time" - a fortnight, for example, is reasonable 
> enough?

There is an actual documented policy on this:

Bill Moran

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