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Thu Jan 17 06:10:44 PST 2008

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 12:29:17PM +0300, Vladimir Zorin wrote:
> It's a common need, especially among internet-hosting providers, to have
> several different PHP versions installed on a server. ...

I think your request is fair, and I have no real problem with it.
However, I do often question why people have multiple versions of PHP
installed; it seems unnecessary with how badly-written PHP is to begin
with (that is to say, the API may change, but usually the PHP authors
simply add a new API function rather than break/tinker with existing

We're a hosting provider and have never run into any issues during PHP
version migrations.  People online everywhere exhibited signs of
paranoia when it came to the PHP4 -> PHP5 upgrade, citing "major
concerns" and all sorts of other hooplah.  We migrated and absolutely no
scripts on our system were impacted.

At my workplace I did similar migration of PHP4 --> PHP5 on our
operational/systems management machines, and ran into no issues as a
result of the migration.  (I did build XML support in, which turned out
to break on our Solaris systems in an odd way, but that turned out to be
the fault of the libxml2 library installed on those boxes and not PHP).

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