Make error libxml2 port

Jack L. Stone jacks at
Wed Jan 16 15:09:52 PST 2008

At 11:55 PM 1.16.2008 +0100, Jose Garcia Juanino wrote:
>El miércoles 16 de enero a las 23:32:36 CET, Jack L. Stone escribió:
>> My checksums were different because the ones in the port did not match. So,
>> I ran "make makesum" which eliminated the mismatch, but still had the above
>> archive issue.
>> I used your checksums and am back to the mismatch.
>Remove /usr/ports/distfiles/gnome2/libxml2-2.6.30.tar.gz and fetch again
>the tarball.

I had already re-fetched and not joy.

But, NO_CHECKSUM=yes has allowed the build.

It's building now.....

Many thanks!

Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

System Admin

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