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Wed Jan 16 11:37:44 PST 2008

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Boris Samorodov wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:10:15 -0500 Chuck Robey wrote:
>> All those libraries need to be found
>> by the flash9 plugin library.
> Please, give me strict instructions how to repeate (what to do
> after a fresh install):
> -----
> 0. Fresh RELENG_X_Y install.
> 2. Fresh ports (or date=...).
> 3. ...

I said at the very beginning of this thread, that I didn't keep track of
what I did, because the tack I took was to relocate all of the libs to the
/compat tree, and this sort of strategy can't be taken until I could get
official approval of that as the correct method to take for installation of
Linux libraries.  If I got that approval, I said I would undertake to
locate and fix all of the ports that currently install Linux stuff into the
/usr/local tree, and then make the flash9 work.  This sort of tack can't be
attempted, unless I could show the port authors involved that I have
official approval to get this thing done, so they could either approve of
the diffs I would give them, or argue it with the port managers themselves.
 What I never, ever intended to try, was to force things in any way, that's
acting childishly.  I just needed a official hammer that was morally strong
enough to get things moving.

In fact, if it were understood that I was to get that sort of ruling in
advance, then I would agree to submit complete diffs, in advance of the
work, both so folks could look at them, and so it could be proven that this
strategy does indeed get the flash9 working.  I'm not terribly worried
about doing that, because I did it on my system already, and the only worry
for me is if things (in the meantime) might have changed enough to make
this no longer possible.

But without that?  I would be condemned to endless arguments, in order to
effect all the changes, and I don't like arguing that much.  No, I am not
going to contribute to a tack that I feel is wrong-headed.  I won't get in
your way, but I wouldn't contribute to that.

I hope that's a reasonably honest approach.  To be REALLY stict about it,
what I'm most strict about is getting all Linux libraries into the /compat
tree, and probably doing that alone would be sufficient, but I'm trying
here for the whole boat, moving all Linux things into /compat, as the
hier(7) dictates (as I read it), and for the reasons that I've given
endlessly by now.

In fact, I think it's a fact that I've really given this all the airing
that's really needed.  If folks can't see it's needed after all this, then
go ahead and live with it, as long as I can make my system my way.  I will
no longer feel bad about it, I gave it a fair try at sharing what I felt
was the right way to do things.  I have asked a bunch of times (both in
this thread, and in one direct mail to them) to get one of the port
managers to issue a ruling, but I think I will take being ignored as a de
facto ruling.  I don't wish to harangue folks any longer.

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> Thanks.

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