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> The question is: does FreeBSD port fall under `derivative work'?
> I.e. may the data files be installed by it (or should I ask users
> to download files themselves instead) and may the package of such
> a port be created? Port does not modify any datafiles, it just needs
> to download zip and install them to ${DATADIR}.

Thanks for your replies. It's clear that NO_CDROM is needed in this
case, but I think NO_PACKAGE can be avoided. Still I'm not sure in clear
way to do this.

Better to explain in more detail:

I'm porting OpenTyrian project (
It's rewrite of 1995 Tyrian game in C and it's GPL'ed. It also needs
original game data which comes under LFL.

OpenTyrian does not yet support $DATADIR and dotdir, and it seems
quite difficult to make it do so (in scope of port), so I've decided
to make wrapper script that creates ~/.tyrian and unzips game data
there, cd's into it and launches tyrian binary.

So I can think of something like that:

- opentyrian-data port, which just installs original zip archive with LFL
data. Think that won't count as derivative work, even if package is
built, as it just original zip file archived once more.

- opentyrian port that depends on opentyrian-data and installs game
binary and wrapper script that unzips data zipfile into ~/.tyrian.

Thus, NO_CDROM as LFL only permits redistribution free of charga, and no
NO_PACKAGE, as redistribution without unmodification is permitted.

I'll also discuss this with opentyrian authors.

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