Fw: Regarding the "X509v3 Certificates" patch

Ben H. strbenjr at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 18:04:04 PST 2008

Hello Mr. Port Maintainer,

   How do I get PKI capability added to the WishList for OpenSSH in FreeBSD.  I am just a devoted user...  who would like to have PKI security capability built into my FreeBSD system like it is in Windows.  SSH would be a great start.  

Is this something that can even be considered??  Thanks!
Ben Hacker, Jr. 
System Administrator
 703.751.3757 (w) 
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Subject: Re: Regarding the "X509v3 Certificates" patch

Ben H. wrote:
> Mr. Petrov,
> Thank you for responding to my message...
> I was wondering if you knew of anyone who has implemented your SSH / PKI solution in FreeBSD??
> I am not a programmer and am not sure about all that is involved with adding a patch in the code for a FreeBSD Port. (in this 
> case "openssh-3.6.1_6")  Also, FreeBSD comes with OpenSSH already installed so I think I would need to remove a "System component", add in your patches and reinstall it(OpenSSH) as the base system expects to see it.
> For this reason I was hoping for a few more steps from someone who has successfully performed this -upgrade- to the security system within FreeBSD
>  (PS. Would you consider adding a "port" of your patched version of OpenSSH to the FreeBSD ports system???   http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html )
> Ben Hacker, Jr. 
>  strbenjr{a}yahoo.com
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It should be question to maintainer of FreeBSD port of OpenSSH since I 
don't use FreeBSD.
I could help him to resolve incompatibility problem with different patches.


P.S.: The OpenSSH team ignore all patches from OpenBSD team. The reasons 
could be found on openssh dev. list but I think that all code written by 
other than core OpenBSD members will be ignored forever.

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