Compiling utilizing multiple CPUs

Yoshihiro Ota ota at
Mon Jan 14 22:17:41 PST 2008

Yes, there is.

Take a look at

I have written the program and finally came to a satisfying stage.
I was thinking to seek for testers after writing some more tips
and examples.

You can give a try.

I've been using/developing it for a half year.


On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 00:55:29 +0100
Christoffer Strömblad <cs at> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I've recently begun to explore the world of FreeBSD and all its
> wonderful things. (Who thought it would even be possible to actually get
> excited about a port upgrade?)
> Having looked through much of the available documentation one thing
> continues to elude me... Is it possible to specify globally how many
> CPUs are available when compiling a port? When I compile a port now it
> seems as if only one CPU is used, even though more are available.
> My apologies if I am missing something obvious, but I've tried to the
> best of my abilities to find the answer but without success.
> Many thanks,
> Chris

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