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Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sun Jan 13 07:05:04 PST 2008

Le Dim 13 jan 08 à 15:25:15 +0100, eculp <eculp at>
 écrivait :

> Is there an "accepted" or reasonably so, sure-fire way to get linux  
> flash[79] working in Prerelease or in current?  If so, would you  
> please share how you did it on this list?

Well, I have a working flashplugin 7, on FreeBSD-6 and FreeBSD-7.
I have'nt configured anything special: just install
www/linux-flashplugin7, and then www/nspluginwrapper.
After that, follow the instructions in the pkg-message:
nspluginwrapper -v -a -i
(for each user)

This is working for the native firefox & seamonkey.

It seems that flashplugin 8 has never been ported to FreeBSD (I don't
know why), and flashplugin 9 is reported as not working.

Th. Thomas.
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