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Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Jan 12 13:28:27 PST 2008

Dominic Fandrey wrote:
> Paul Schmehl wrote:
>> 1) You can't build a dependent port and first set the config for the
>> options that you want.  So, when you select sasl in postfix, you never
>> get the chance to check the saslauthd option, for example.
> As the ports man page states:
> # make config-recursive
> does what you want. It's surprising how often people claim this feature is
> missing, even though it has been there ever since I started using FreeBSD.

And it's surprising how often people don't listen when I explain that 
config-recursive is not a complete solution. :) It builds the list 
first, so that if you enable an option that creates a dependency on 
another port it will be missed. Portmaster does not have that limitation 
because it runs 'make config' before doing the dependency check for each 



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