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Let me retract the comment about the OP contacting me privately I just
looked back at my archived mail and relized the names where simelar
but it was not the same person.

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> M. L. Dodson wrote:
>> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>>> Dominic Fandrey wrote:
>>>> Paul Schmehl wrote:
>>>>> 1) You can't build a dependent port and first set the
>>>>> config for the options that you want.  So, when you select
>>>>> sasl in postfix, you never get the chance to check the
>>>>> saslauthd option, for example.
>>>> As the ports man page states:
>>>> # make config-recursive
>>>> does what you want. It's surprising how often people claim
>>>> this feature is missing, even though it has been there ever
>>>> since I started using FreeBSD.
>>> Not completely correct for reasons given in
>>> - -- Aryeh M. Friedman FloSoft Systems, Java Developer Tools.
>>> Developer, not business,
>>> friendly.
>> That is completely off the point of the email to which you are
>> responding.
> I think there is a problem with your threading system (note the OP
> contacted me privately before posting about learning more about
> ports 2.0 and thus by definition is interested in any changes it
> might have in store)
>> That is the way we do it in the FBSD ports system.
> No it was an attempt to resolve issues that are either a) not well
> documented in the current system and/or are not possible with it b)
>  thus by definition within the intresest of the ports 2.0 effort.
>> We all know, as you have said ad nauseam, you believe the ports
>> system is broken because of that.  Why must you always hijack
>> threads to make points for your agenda?
>> Bud Dodson
>> PS, I will refuse respond to the (almost guaranteed) passive
>> aggressive flame you will use to respond to this post.
> You don't have to respond to it because you claimof  hijacking is
> incorrect (1. I responded to OP saying that this is on the ports
> 2.0 agenda and thus need not be debated or rehashed publically...
> 2. Out of x replies I have offered only 3 sentences all of them
> where to point to primary sources)/

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