Limitations of Ports System

Tim Clewlow tim1timau at
Fri Jan 11 20:59:38 PST 2008

--- Chris <chrcoluk at> wrote:

> On 13/12/2007, Brian <bri at> wrote:
> > I just wonder if you asked the general population, whether they'd rather
> > have ports or packages, I bet most would vote for packages, aside from
> > those that actually like watching the compilation output fly by.
> I do like to watch it but in addition I always like to compile my own
> binaries etc. rather than using something thats precompiled and
> limited to how the compiler compiled it.
> Chris

I change options in the mplayer Makefile to include twolame and mencoder in the
build because that way you get more codecs available for mencoder. Also, MySQL
has WITH_OPENSSL=yes in the make, and in PHP make config, I select Build Apache
module. Also I have the following options on in /etc/make.conf.
    CFLAGS= -O -pipe        # Optimize general builds
    COPTFLAGS= -O -pipe     # Optimize kernel builds
    NO_PROFILE=             # Only need to uncomment this line, no options
Finally, as a rule I install the latest patched up version of stable 6.x from
this optimised build (build once on a master cvs/build server). Dont know how
many other people do this, but I definately prefer ports over packages.

Cheers, Tim.

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