FreeBSD Port: games/frozenbubble

Kris Moore kris at
Thu Jan 10 09:32:24 PST 2008

Thanks! I was doing searches for "SDL Init + Bad system call and not 
finding anything before. I was able to fix it with the LD_PRELOAD 
command shown here:


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

Robert Huff wrote:
> Kris Moore writes:
>>  I've just tried to compile the frozenbubble game, and it installs
>>  fine, but refuses to run, giving this error:
>>  [SDL Init] Bad system call
>>  Any ideas? Something broken with the SDL lib? FB uses SDL-perl,
>>  which also could be causing the problem.
> 	Try Googling  "frozenbubble" + "Bad system call", and look at
> the first result.
> 				Robert Huff
> !DSPAM:1,47865283588511734118063!

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