FreeBSD Port: games/frozenbubble

Christian Laursen xi at
Thu Jan 10 09:06:04 PST 2008

Kris Moore <kris at> writes:

> I've just tried to compile the frozenbubble game, and it installs
> fine, but refuses to run, giving this error:
> [SDL Init] Bad system call
> Not sure what the problem is, I have 3d support enabled, tried it on
> two different systems, same error on both. Using FreeBSD 6.3-PRE /
> PC-BSD 1.4.x
> Any ideas? Something broken with the SDL lib? FB uses SDL-perl, which
> also could be causing the problem.

In my experience SDL-perl only works when perl is built with

When you rebuild your perl with threads you also need to rebuild a
number of the ports that depend on perl.

Christian Laursen

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