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ni> 1. Is the purpose of
ni>      case ${ADOBE_LANG} in
ni>      .....
ni>      JPN) : ${GTK_IM_MODULE:=xim}; export GTK_IM_MODULE ;;
ni>    to override any other existing value?

 This line does not override the existing value.  Just setting the
 default value if not defined.

ni>    it will not work in Linux and QT apps (incl. Reader 7). The problem
ni>    is (I don't know if this is FreeBSD specific) that GTK_IM_MODULE,
ni>    once set to 'scim', can't be changed to 'xim' in the same X session,
ni>    so the line like aforementioned JPN-specific setting will not have
ni>    any effect in such environment. The same goes for XMODIFIERS once set
ni>    to @im=SCIM.

 As explained above, the acroread script does not change them if
 defined already.

 I basically think the user should be responsble for environment
 variables that he sets by himself, and the acroread script should set
 the default values at the most.  However, I agree with setting some
 variables to work around problems that prevent acroread from working,
 but I am not sure if your suggestion is reasonable yet.  On my box,


 works fine with acroread7 (not for acroread8, btw), and I could not
 understand the reason why changing XMODIFIER to @im=XIM does the

| Hiroki SATO
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