lsof and ZFS

Vic Abell abe at
Mon Jan 7 13:36:34 PST 2008


You write:
> I'll more than happy to test on my machines with ZFS root - 
> my home FreeBSD workstation has been configured with ZFS-on-root, and so
> notebook FreeBSD boot (it's triple-booted).
> Which info should I provide?

The important thing will be to make sure that lsof reports correct
device numbers (i.e., the smae ones ls(1) reports), link counts,
file sizes and node numbers for ZFS files.  Some of that checking
is done by the lsof test suite, but not everything.
> Quick reference:
> ...

That looks good for a test bed.

> Thanks you in advance!

I'll let you know when I have something to test.  As I said
earlier, this will be a substantial modification.  I will
provide a pre-release distribution in the 4.79 series,
probably an 'F' edition, that you can download and build.


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