Patch 7.1.126 and patch 7.1.186 fo VIM

Derek Tattersall dlt at
Sat Jan 5 17:18:54 PST 2008

Patch 7.1.186 to vim-7.1 is dependent on changes made in patch 7.1.126.
However, 7.1.126 will not apply cleanly to the tree in vim-7.1.tar.bz2,
as the file gui_w48.c is not in that archive.  Conversation on the
vim-use list at Google shows Bram Moolenaar is willing to make special
patch as 7.1.126ne.  This will probably cause some changes to be made to
the vim Makefile.  Is this the right way to correct this problem?

Best regards,
Derek Tattersall
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