unknown build error

Mark Kirkwood markir at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jan 3 15:39:51 PST 2008

I wrote:
> Piotr wrote:
>> is it there any solution to install p5-Net-Pcap from ports without 
>> errors ?
>> parameter.> Checking if your kit is complete...> Looks good> 
>> 'LICENSE' is not a known MakeMaker parameter name.> Writing Makefile 
>> for Net::Pcap> ==> Your Makefile has been rebuilt. <==> ==> Please 
>> rerun the make command.  <==> false> *** Error code 1> > Stop in 
>> /usr/ports/net/p5-Net-Pcap/work/Net-Pcap-0.15.> *** > Error code 1> > 
>> Stop in /usr/ports/net/p5-Net-Pcap.This often means your clock is 
>> wrong.Kris_______________________________________________freebsd-ports at freebsd.org 
>> mailing 
> As Kris said, this is most likely due to your clock being wrong - i.e 
> your system date/time is probably set incorrectly (what does 'date' 
> say, and is the timezone set correctly?). If not you need to fix it/them.
> I have had this happen once where *my* system date/time was correct 
> but the server I fetched the files from was not... i.e they were 
> future dated... similar result! This is unlikely to be the case here, 
> but (only if your system date is correct) you can check for this by 
> extracting the relevant distfile for p5_Net_Pcap and checking the 
> dates on the files.


Sorry - I should have read the preceding message, you seem to have fixed 
the clock issue...pls ignore!



You mail client does horrible things to quoted messages....which makes 
it a bit confusing to read!

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