Problems with OpenOffice 2.3.1 on FreeBSD

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Jan 1 11:05:36 PST 2008

I use OpenOffice 2.3.1 on several hardwareplatforms running FreeBSD 
7.0-PRE/AMD64 and since I upgraded OpenOffice from OO 2.3.0 to 2.3.1 I 
have massive problems, rendering OO unusuable! Before doing a PR I would 
like to aks whethere there is a solution out.
Whenever I try to save a document in OO writer, OO gets stuck and I have 
to kill it. The document gets saved, but I never can load it again 
without rendering OO unusuable. Opening M$ Word docs or OO docs doesn't 
This breakage is identical on all of my systems I run OO 2.3.1 on, they 
all have in common running FreeBSD 7.0-PRE, being 64 Bit, having 
diablo-1.5-JDK installed. This behaviour even occurs on a freshly 
installed box.

Any ideas? This is a serious situation to me, due to the need of a 
properly working OO :-(

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