Heads Up: portmaster users

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Wed Oct 31 03:16:38 PDT 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
> If you've upgraded portmaster to version 1.24 you either need to use
> the -B option or apply the following patch:
> http://dougbarton.us/portmaster-install-fix.patch

HTTP 404

> Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. As I mentioned in another post I
> missed a copy and paste when I changed the installation order, and I
> didn't see the problem locally because of a ~/.portmasterrc option
> that I was sure I had disabled.
> I'll get this in the tree as soon as I hear from portmgr. Meanwhile
> enjoy the patch. :-/
> Doug

Pietro Cerutti

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