new port: linux netscape navigator

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Wed Oct 31 00:36:50 PDT 2007

eculp wrote:
> Quoting Pietro Cerutti <gahr at>:
>> Is anybody interested in this?
>> I'm actually using it and I can say it completely meets the
>> expectations: fast browsing, good user experience, interesting new
>> features..
>> I think it can't hurt to have it in ports..
> I agree.  I gave it a shot and couldn't unpack it with a simple sh
>  It always hangs as shown below.
> sh
> c - linux-netscape-navigator
> c - linux-netscape-navigator/files
> x - linux-netscape-navigator/files/
> ^C

True. It's really strange. I've tried a few times to create the shar and
then extract it, and always hangs where you pointed out.

I don't have time to investigate this very problem right now.

> Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Maybe we both are.

I've created a tbz2 of the port directory, please try it out:

> Thanks,
> ed

Pietro Cerutti

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