FreeBSD Port: postgresql-server-8.2.5_2

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sat Oct 27 14:10:08 PDT 2007

Michael wrote:
> Hello.
> PostgreSQL 8.2.5 compiled from ports core dumps on freebsd 7
> (RELENG_7), i've asked pgsql-bugs about this issue, and they answered,
> that probably FreeBSD 7 have problems with spinlocks:

Postmaster isn't threaded so it looks like a problem with their own
implementation of spinlock, not the OS's.

One thing that may or may not help you is: can you rebuild your (exact!)
version of PostgreSQL on a 6.2 machine, save the output (e.g. with tee),
then rebuild it (the *same* version) on 7.0 and also save the output,
then compare them?

> Can you help me resolve this problem?

Did you look at the postmaster's stderror output?

For what is worth, PostgreSQL 8.1 works on 7 flawlessly.

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