fortran compiler issues in port

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sat Oct 27 09:20:48 PDT 2007

Le Sam 27 oct 07 à 16:34:40 +0200, Harald Servat <redcrash at>
 écrivait :
> Hello,


>   I'm a maintainer of a port which needs a fortran compiler. Due to the
> inclusion of GCC 4.2 as the default compiler for FreeBSD 7.0 I'm facing a
> problem with the port. My FreeBSD 6.2 box can compile fine my port using
> f77, however the build farms do not compile successfully the port because
> they use gfortran42 (which comes with GCC 4.2) and this compiler needs an
> special flag to compile the port.

Check any other ports requiring a Fortran compiler, e.g. math/rkward: if
USE_FORTRAN is set, ports/Mk/ will be included, and FC and F77
will be set. If you set USE_FORTRAN to yes, F77 and FC will be set to
the default value, which is gfortran42 at the moment. FFLAGS can be used
to pass special flags to the compiler.

Th. Thomas.
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