Check my work: notification-daemon-xfce

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Oct 26 12:41:36 PDT 2007

Here's a port for the XFce notification daemon, which shows little 
popups for various events like unmounting media and so on:

Presently it would go in /usr/ports/deskutils/xfce4-notification-daemon.

The port installs, uninstalls, and works.  However, I'd appreciate 

Name: the port is "notification-daemon-xfce".  In the port directory, I 
called it "xfce4-notification-daemon" to be consistent with other ports.

Categories: it's a notification daemon.  I put it in deskutils, but 
could also see it being in misc, sysutils, or x11.

Makefile correctness: the port used James Earl's audio/xfce4-mixer port 
as a skeleton.  There may be unnecessary leftovers in the Makefile, or 
things left out. Should it have a dependency on dbus?  Are all the 
USE_GNOME settings needed?

pkg-plist correctness: I think it's okay.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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