Which "linux emulation" works with which programs or the inverse?

Roman Divacky rdivacky at freebsd.org
Thu Oct 25 02:01:42 PDT 2007

on the state of flash9 in linuxulator...

I tried to debug it but it's (firefox+flash9) a huge program that generates like 
1.5 million of lines of trace. I spend several hours staring at that but didn't find
anything obvious... I would be more than happy if someone proved I am stupid and I
overlooked something trivial :)

now the flash9 work is mostly stalled (on my side) as I have some personal life issues
+ I am clueless about how to crack the flash9 nut. I guess once dtrace is imported to
FreeBSD I'll be curious enough to try it on the flash9 problem..

thats how it is :(


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