Can someone please take a look at stale PR=116637 (www/apache)?

Aliya Harbouri aliyaharbouri at
Wed Oct 24 15:55:41 PDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I'd originally posted (Fri Sep 21) to 'freebsd-questions'
a request for a fix to www/apache22 port.

So far, I've:

a) followed-up to the list
b) cc'd the maintainer directly from the list
c) mailed the maintainer directly, with a proposed fix
d) filed a PR (
e) posted a follow-up to the PR

To date, there's been no response from the maintainer, and no action
on the port.  Which is ok.

I asked for advice on freebsd-questions what my next step of
'escalation' should be, and was told "freebsd-ports".

So, could "someone" (I guess you know who you are :-) ) please take a
look at the www/apache22 issue, and perhaps kick-start the fix?

Or, maybe suggest a different route to getting it fixed?

Thanks a lot!


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