Porting pdfedit-0.3.1

Michael Pope michael at dtcorp.com.au
Tue Oct 23 22:17:44 PDT 2007

I would like to port and application across and have read the porters 
handbook, but I'm still having trouble porting this app to freebsd6.2.

The procedure I use to manually install pdfedit 0.3.1 under bsd is:

FreeBSD build
Here is the short howto for PDFedit compilation and installation on FreeBSD 6.2
(Qt 3.38, Xorg 7.2). Thanks to Hao Chen.

# untar current sources (this was done for 0.3.1 version)
tar zxvf pdfedit-0.3.1.tar.bz2
cd pdfedit-0.3.1
setenv QTDIR /usr/local
setenv QMAKESPEC /usr/local/share/qt/mkspecs/freebsd-g++
setenv LOCALBASE /usr/local
%./configure -- CPPFLAGS="-I /usr/local/include" LDFLAG="-L /usr/local/include"
% cd src/xpdf
% ./configure --with-t1-library="${LOCALBASE}/lib" --with-t1-includes="${LOCALBASE}/include"

#make sure you see this:
#checking for T1_InitLib in -lt1... yes
#using t1 library

% cd ../..
Edit src/utils/Makefile INCPATH line and add '-I/usr/local/include' to the end.

% make


I've tried to make my Makefile and have ended up with:

# New ports collection makefile for:    pdfedit

PORTNAME=   pdfedit
CATEGORIES= graphics print
MASTER_SITES=  http://optusnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/pdfedit/

MAINTAINER= michael at dtcorp.com.au
COMMENT=       a pdf editor which allows you to annotate and save back 
to a pdf.

BUILD_DEPENDS=  freetype-config:${PORTSDIR}/print/freetype2
LIB_DEPENDS=    t1.5:${PORTSDIR}/devel/t1lib \

USE_AUTOTOOLS=  autoconf:261
CONFIGURE_TARGET=   --build=${MACHINE_ARCH}-portbld-freebsd${OSREL}
                QMAKESPEC="${LOCALBASE}/share/qt/mkspecs/freebsd-g++" \
                CPPFLAGS="-I${LOCALBASE}/include" \

INCPATH= -I/usr/local/include

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --with-t1-library="/usr/local/lib" \

MAN1=       pdfedit.1

.include <bsd.port.mk>

So should I be making a patch file for the extra include I have to enter 
into src/utils/Makefile?

If so how do I automate that patch for that file?  Currently i've 
created a little patch called 'patch-src-utils-Makefile' but every time 
I run make it asks me which file I want to patch.

I don't think that second configure is happening in the src/xpdf 
directory, where should I do this? in 'post-configure'?

Maybe I've just selected a hard one for my first porting experience.  I 
just started here because that's an application I use a lot and would 
like it in the ports collection.


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