Project ideas page: UPDATING parser and displayer

Beat Gätzi beat at
Sat Oct 20 05:48:41 PDT 2007

Martin Tournoij wrote:
> Here's a little patch.
> It changes:
> - variable tmpfile was renamed to tmp_file, I got a warning that it
> 	shadowed a global declaration
> - Add support for PORTSDIR and PKG_DBDIR
> - Don't exit if we can't open +CONTENTS file, since pkgdb may be in
> 	/var/db/pkg
> - Add Makefile for sourcetree

Great! Thank you! I updated the available version with your patch.

> Write a manpage

Yes, I know that this should be done. But before writing the manpage I
will remove the -p argument as mentioned in a prior mail to make
pkg_updating more compatible with the other pkg_* commands.


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