Project ideas page: UPDATING parser and displayer

Beat Gätzi beat at
Sat Oct 20 03:02:47 PDT 2007


I read at the project idea page about the UPDATING parser and displayer.
 I wrote a small script that parses and displays entries from
/usr/ports/UPDATING: pkg_updating

With the -p argument only entries for the given portname are shown.
Without the -p argument entries for all installed ports are shown. The
-f defines an alternative location of the UPDATING file. With the -d
argument only newer entries than the given date are shown.


Shows all entries of all installed ports:
# pkg_updating

Shows all entries of all installed ports since 2007-01-01
# pkg_updating -d 20070101

Shows all entries for all apache ports
# pkg_updating -p apache

Shows all apache entries since 2006-01-01
# pkg_updating -p apache -d 20060101

Defines that the UPDATING file is in /tmp and shows all entries of all
installed ports:
# pkg_updating -f /tmp/UPDATING

Known issues:
- pkg_updating needs a colon at the end of the date line. Some entries
don't have this colon. This patch adds the missing colons:

pkg_updating is available here:

Comments, suggestions and patches are very welcome!


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