Appropriate way of submitting multiple related ports at once?

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Fri Oct 19 15:24:07 PDT 2007

Hello Quinton,

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 11:49:55PM +1000, Q wrote:
> I have written a collection of ports (16 in total) for building a  
> typical Apple WebObjects deployment environment. As most of these  
> ports depend on one another in some way could someone advise what the  
> most appropriate way to submit these ports as a bundle would be?

This is going to be tricky :-)

The way I would do it is to submit the ports one by one and keep
the synopsis recognizable:

    [NEW PORT] Apple WebObjects Deployment Environment: www/foobar

That way it will be easy for the person who will take care of them
to find them all, and can respond to problems of them individually.

Once all your PRs have gone through and you have the numbers, send
another PR which describes the order of all PRs and the possible
ceavats and other issues which might happen during the processing
of the PRs.

Or, if you have spare time and a network connection (I think that
the last pre-requisite is pretty dumb :-) drop by on #bsdcode at and ask if somebody wants to help you getting these
PRs done.

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