The scandalous status of linux-flashplugin9

Roman Divacky rdivacky at
Fri Oct 19 01:21:50 PDT 2007

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 07:02:47PM -0700, Zephiris wrote:
> Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
> > 
> > I too am confused, if you have flash 9 working in firefox on RELENG_7
> > please give us a detailed how to there are just a TON of people
> > looking for this. I have 5 systems I would test it out on right now, 2
> > of them are teenager computers so they would get a workout on youtube
> > , among other sites that require flash 8 :)
> > 
> > Sam Fourman Jr.
> I saw this floating around before, and tried it. It "works" with Flash9 on
> RELENG_7, but lots of things will still crash it. Back on the
> freebsd-multimedia mailing from Feb, Michael Nottebrock <lofi at>
> (I don't want to take credit or anything) noticed
> helped to some degree. I have to run Gentoo on /compat/linux (am I the
> only one for which Nvidia linux drivers won't do anything with FC4 X11
> libraries?), but it's the same with the binary posted
> ([1], it goes into /compat/linux/usr/lib), and compiled according to
> instructions from the Adobe Beta site[2].
> It's good enough to play many flash videos, it doesn't look like many games
> will work, or that things that use 'streaming video' will work, either.
> I'm not quite sure why it's crashing. Since the source code is available
> for this[3], perhaps someone better versed with internal details of
> FreeBSD and in particular the Linux compatibility mode can take an
> examination of this sort of thing so we might have a chance at a flash9
> that will, say, actually work with YouTube (although gnash does a fine job
> on that for now).

this is a nice information.... by a chance can you try to recompile the flashsupport.c
with gcc 4.0.3 as they suggest in the source code? you never know with gcc ;)

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