[update-request] please help to maintiners

sam samflanker at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 04:33:31 PDT 2007

Hello, all!
this is a unsupportet structure code:

.if !defined(WITH_SERVER)
    PLIST_SUB+=     SERVER="@comment "
    .if defined(WITH_MYSQL) || !defined(WITHOUT_PGSQL) || 
!defined(WITHOUT_SQLITE) || !defined(WITHOUT_ODBC)
        IGNORE= is useless database support without a SERVER. Please 
(re)run 'make config' and choose SERVER with database
    CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-server
    PLIST_SUB+=     SERVER=""
    .if defined(WITHOUT_MYSQL) && !defined(WITH_PGSQL) && 
!defined(WITH_SQLITE) && !defined(WITH_ODBC)
        IGNORE= is useless without a database. Please (re)run 'make 
config' and choose one of PGSQL and MYSQL
        USE_RC_SUBR+=   netxmsd
        .if defined(WITH_AGENT)
            PLIST_SUB+=     AGENT="@comment "
            USE_RC_SUBR+=   netxmsd nxagentd


plaese add support for help to maintiners
it comfortably

/Vladimir Ermakov

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