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Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Wed Oct 17 08:06:29 PDT 2007

* Tijl Coosemans (tijl at wrote:
> Actually I'd like to see this clarified as well, because none of the
> port maintainers I've ever spoken to knows this. Is DATADIR supposed
> to be user changeable or not? Does it need to be passed to configure
> or not?
Seems like it's not user-changeable.
- it's not passed to configure by default
- it's changed by many ports

As far as I understand, it (along with DOCSDIR and some more) is
just convenient variable that gets substituded into plist by default,
so it's good practice to change it in your port if it uses non
share/$PORTNAME datadir, and use in both Makefile and plist.

I can't come out with any idea why user would need to change it
(there's $PREFIX for that purpose).

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