Versioning question for linux-ut port

Sean C. Farley scf at
Tue Oct 16 08:45:51 PDT 2007

I have been working with Martin Tournoij, who did the hard work, on
updating the linux-ut port to support different versions of UT99 (GOTY,
Anthology, etc.).  He also discovered that the v451 patch had issues
with the keyboard.

After a little reading on my part, I found that in most cases the v451
patch was more suited for servers while v436 was best on clients with
both being network compatible.

Here is the question:  how should the port's version information be
configured to have v436 be the default with v451 (WITH_451PATCH) as an
option?  With PORTVERSION set back to 436 from 451, does PORTEPOCH need
to be set to 1?  I am uncertain since the port will support both
versions.  Would PORTREVISION=1 be better than using PORTEPOCH since if
the user wanted to stay with v451, the install may be a little different

Here is the latest port of linux-ut[1].

scf at

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