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* Andrew Pantyukhin <infofarmer at> [2007-10-13 12:28:10]:

> > So, my questions are:
> > 
> > Is the above handling of the man and info pages correct?  It seems the
> > answer is no, but just thought I would check.
> Not really, but I guess there may be some special cases that
> warrant the handling (e.g. megabytes of manpages, etc.)
> > How does one choose not to install man and info pages if NOPORTDOCS
> > does not apply to them?  I seem to recall that there is a
> > NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES knob but am not sure if that's the answer or if there
> Some people tried to respect some knobs, but in general we just
> always install manpages. As for infopages, we usually only
> install them when there are no manpages or if the manpages are
> insufficient.
> > Is is correct procedure to never include man and info pages in the
> > pkg-plist like Porter's Handbook states?
> Sometimes it's necessary to list manpages in plist. E.g. when
> there are different sets of manpages for different languages.
> MANLANG and MAN# can only handle one set across all languages.

Thank you very much, Andrew.


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