FreeBSD Port: png-1.2.22

L. Derksen LDerksen at
Sun Oct 14 06:10:43 PDT 2007


I did get a message from portaudit that my 'png-1.2.18'-package was a 
security risk. So I updated my portstree with 'portsnap fetch update', 
deleted the png-package (make deinstall) and then tried to install the 
current png-package (1.2.22). Now the tree gives me the message:

===>  png-1.2.18 has known vulnerabilities:
=> png -- multiple vulnerabilities.
=> Please update your ports tree and try again.
*** Error code 1

Why is my ports tree not up to date with png-1.2.22? When i do a 
'portsnap fetch update' it gives me that my tree is up to date.

Thanks in advance,
L. Derksen

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