The scandalous status of linux

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at
Tue Oct 9 05:40:42 PDT 2007

=If you can not find it, tell emulation@ about your problem.

Just a reminder, that SDL-using Linux-executables, which broke on -stable in 
some time in June, are still broken with the kernel from September 16. A game 
called "civctp" used to start up and play just fine, but now hangs on 
start-up -- at least, on amd64.

Just tried changing the level of Linux emulation -- still hangs.

Although the commercial version of the game was only available to paying 
customers, the freely available demo version shows the same problem.

=Be prepared to do some guided debugging.

Checking out the games/civ2demo from the Attic is far easier for a developer 
to do, than rebuilding a kernel (even once) is for a regular user.


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