The scandalous status of linux-flashplugin9

Willy Picard picard at
Mon Oct 8 05:56:10 PDT 2007


I write this email to give my humble opinion on the scandalous status of the
linux-flashplugin9. This port is in the port tree for now 8 monthes (first
commit on the 17th of January 2007) and one should admit that it never worked. A
numerous set of mails has already been sent on this mailing list about this port
and, to my best knowledge, no one has figured out how to have Flash 9 working on
a FreeBSD machine using this port.

I am not shocked by the lack of support for Flash9, even if Flash 8+ is nowadays
more and more frequent. I understand the lack of time of the porters, issues
related with various architectures and similar issues. Therefore, I give Jamie no
grief about the lack of support for Flash 9. That is just not my point.

The thing that shocked me is the fact that the port is still in the ports tree
even if it does not work! (It compiles but each try to view a Flash animation
leads to a segmentation fault of Firefox). If we want the FreeBSD community to
be focused on quality (I assume we all want), then this port should be removed
from the ports tree or at least marked as broken.

Best regards,

Willy Picard
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