Asterisk-App-Notify 1.0

Mayo Jordanov mayo at
Sun Oct 7 13:16:33 PDT 2007

Hi Steve,

I've started working on porting a version (it was pre-2.0rc1 though)  
of app-notify to Asterisk 1.4, but got side tracked with changing  
jobs and such. If you have the diffs handy they would be much  
appreciated, otherwise I'll do another port soon now that my time is  
clearing up a bit.

Mayo Jordanov

On Oct 7, 07, at 12:23 , Steve Clement wrote:

> Hi List,
> the app-notify tool is broken with ASterisk 1.4 there is a 2.0rc1 out
> that works and compiles without any issues.
> As the app-ldap tool is also at 2.0rc1 would it be an idea to update
> this port?
> Maintainer copied in, Mayo, should you want the diff's against the
> working 2.0rc1 give me a shout.
> cheers a lot,
> Steve Clement

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