Issues with patching ports

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Oct 6 08:07:37 PDT 2007


    I know, I probably should be asking the maintainers about this but I 
wanted to get a feel for whether or not other people were experiencing 
the same issues as I am.

    Currently I'm on dialup (:(...), so there's a large degree of lag 
between when I can get distfiles from school and later discover issues 
and fix them.

    In an effort to get my desktop up and running with strictly FreeBSD 
again (tossing XP x64), I've found issues with the following ports though:

        - audacious [1.3.5,1] (patch fails; files to patch no longer exist)
        - firefox [] (patches fail)
        - samba3 [3.0.26d] (patches fail)
        - xorg-libraries [latest, 7.3] (work directory doesn't exist)
        - [a variety of other patch related issues]

    I'm using the ports snapshot available from because I 
can't reliably csup / cvsup sources or ports on my Mac OS X machine :(...

    Does anyone have similar experience, or is it all me?


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