papi port, fortran issues

Harald Servat redcrash at
Wed Oct 3 01:13:27 PDT 2007

Hello to everybody,

  recently I received an automated mail about a port I'm maintaining. Such
mail includes a full report (which is good in order to review the problems
;) ) of the port build on amd64/freebsd7.
  The program needs fortran compiler, and looking at the report, I see that
fortran compiler is installed, however the compiler name is gfortran42 (due
to the gcc package is 4.2 I think). As the configure of the ported program
does not look for gfortran42 explicitly (but looks for gfortran, g77,
fortran, xlf and so) it fails when trying to compile the fortran code.

  So two questions arise to my mind,
    and which is the good way to solve this? Maybe should I look for
gfortran42 (and change it for every compiler version), or should gcc package
install a softlink from gfortran to gfortran42 --or the latest installed
    why this doesn't happen on i386/freebsd7?

Empty your memory,
with a free()...
like a pointer!

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The pointer can crash...,
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Be a pointer my friend...

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